Covid-19 Studio Policies

  • Limited Capacity + Physical Distancing. Classes will be limited in size, probably 4-5 students (we will have a better idea after we measure this weekend) and we will have tape to mark where each mat should be placed in order to maintain 6-8ft of distance between mats.  Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before class.

  • Temperature Checks at the Door. Every staff member and student will have their temperature checked with a touchless thermometer upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or over will be sent home.

  • Please Stay Home if You Are Sick!  *Check your symptoms here.  If you come into the studio coughing or otherwise showing symptoms, you may be asked to leave and come back at another time.

  • Hand Washing + Sanitizing. Staff and students should wash their hands both before and after class. We will also be providing hand sanitizer.

  • Cleaning + Ventilation. Our studio will be thoroughly cleaned and aired out before and after each class.

  • No Drop-Ins for In-Studio Classes. Our studio classes will be limited to those who are on new student specials, monthly or yearly memberships, or those who purchase a class package. This is due to our extremely limited capacity, and wanting to give priority to our members.

  • Late Cancellation Fees. Due to our limited capacity, we will be charging a $10 late cancellation fee for no-shows, or if you cancel less than 2 hours in advance of the class start time.

  • Cashless + Pre-Registration Only. We will not be accepting cash. Please pre-register for classes online.

  • No Hands-On Adjustments. Teachers will no longer be able to give any type of hands-on assist or adjustment.

  • No Community Props. Our props will be completely off limits. However, we will be renting out props. If you need to rent any props, please let me know and we will arrange for this. Your rental props will be your responsibility, meaning you will sanitize them properly and store them after each use.

  • Limited Use of Back Rooms. Our lounge room will be completely off use. If you need to use the dressing room, please inform staff so that we may clean it immediately after you are done.

  • No Heat. We will hold classes with no heat or blowing air.

  • Closed Mouth Breathing. Our teachers will be instructed to NOT teach any type of pranayama that requires open mouth, or heavy breathing.

  • MASKS. Per the county, masks are REQUIRED any time you are away from your mat. YOU MUST come in with a mask on - you will be provided with one upon entering if you don't have one on already. However, once you are on your mat, you are allowed to take the mask off. Teachers and students are will stay on their mats at all times. If you need to leave your mat, you are to put your mask back on, and same goes for teachers.


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