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Yoga & Wellness Workshops & Events

Rest InNature Playshop Immersion

Saturday November 18th, 2021 @ 12:30pm-3:30pm

Rest InNature Playshop Immersion, facilitated by Oowauwe, is offering a Community Container to explore Rest as a state of being rather than something we only earn or pencil into our schedules. In this Sacred Space we will play with the elements of ceremony, Indigenous Mysticism, 8 limb and beyond yogic philosophy, yoga nidra, Sacred Circle, and embodiment practices such as intuitive movement and pranayam as tools to bolster our moving state of Rest and counter the conditionings of mechanisms of colonization.

From this Sacred Space you will walk away feeling physically & spiritually nourished and curious to deepening your unique relationship with Earth and all Earthlings. 


You will have tools to expand the accessibility of relaxation in your body and life. 


You will walk away with tools to fortify your energetic shield and strengthen your energy bodies to be less impacted or halted by microaggressions and the macro aggressions of living in a colonial society.


You will be empowered to Witness your relationship with colonial mechanisms and begin or continue the Sacred Journey of dissolving their presence in your life.


You'll get to play with like souled Light Beams and intimately cultivate a community that can last a lifetime Rooted in Rest as A State of Being.


108 Sun Salutations

Friday December 31st, 2021 @ 10am

Welcome the New Year with us at RFY!  We will flow through 108 sun salutations, led by our teacher Daniela.  Go at your own pace, and discover the beauty of moving meditation.

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